Up, up and Away.

Have you ever released a balloon into the clouds? I love that feeling of freedom, of letting go. I’ve recently read that humans were made to move, and that’s why we have feet and not roots. I wonder how come it’s so hard to leave one’s place in the world.

Today is our first day as Digital Nomads. I haven’t written for a while, so I feel like I need to catch up so things make sense again (for all of us, both you reading this and me writing it.) My thesis is finally ready, and I only have to wait for results a few weeks from now. Nothing was tying us up to Cordoba, and the lease of our apartment was over. Instead of renewing, we decided to leave our things in our parent’s houses and leave. Just leave.

For work reasons, I need to travel to organize events in several places in Latin America. We work for Malaysia, so there’s always a place for us there in Penang. With this idea in mind, we packed our bags and started calling airports, Airbnb apartments and red-eye flights HOME.

Our first destination: Working from Santiago, Chile.

Challenges are everywhere. I’ll miss so many things about having an actual place to come back to. But when it comes to reality and facing the truth, Maxi has been my home for so long now that it seems unfair to believe it was only because we shared a place and a roof above our heads.

It’s up to us now to find comfort outside of our comfort zone.

To talk to strangers and find our new favorite place to eat or brunch.

To discover new cities and new landscapes and make them our own.

To set up an efficient work routine that will allow us to live everywhere at once.

To let go of prejudice and embrace people’s differences.

To leave our old routines behind and get used to a different lifestyle.

Our first grocery trip in Santiago. Avocado fever!

Here’s to new beginnings, to an improved perspective of the world and to Santiago, our first destination!

Stay tuned to Kilo India Delta to find out more about the whereabouts of this Digital Nomad in the making.



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