Current Obsessions.

It’s not easy to be a 25 year old girl with media, internet, images, art and amazing things surrounding me and overwhelming my five senses. Add a lot of work to do, a trip to plan and an overwhelming anxiety creeping at night:

I can barely keep my sanity.

Because I want to remember these obsessions in the future, I’m writing this article. This is a brief compilation of all my current obsessions in media, arts, culture and food trends.

KILO INDIA DELTA presents: “These are a few of my favorite things”

1 – Hamilton. I know, this isn’t very original. But it is very unusual when you think about it. I’ve always hated musicals. I couldn’t even hear the oberture of a Broadway show, I would completely lose it. The company chorus, the lines squeezed uncomfortably in weird mellodies – I couldn’t see the magic people queued for hours to feel.

Until I did. And Lin Miranda is to blame. And one of the founding fathers of the US. Hamilton is a story of war, love triangles, dedications, destiny and above all: passion. It’s so well written the feelings are almost tangible! And I haven’t even seen it live. I’ve only been to NY twice and both of those times were in my musicals-hater era. But now I’m different (apparently) and I can’t wait to go to Broadway and catch a show or two. Or ten, who knows? I used to despise Times Square, maybe I’ll see more of it now. This is a playlist I made up with showtunes I like.

2 – Co-working spaces. I decided to join one after my company offered to pay one for the remote employees. And I’m so glad I did! I can be more organized and proactive, and while I miss working on my piyamas, it’s nice to know I can do it whenever I want but I still choose to pick an outfit, get some make-up on and leave the house every morning. The place has a great view, the space is very convenient and everyone is really nice to me. And the best part: the internet FLIES. My kind of place ❤

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 5.07.55 PM.png

3 – Argentine girls who blog. Yes, I’m one of them. But no, I’m not one of them. These bloggers are from Buenos Aires, they attend FW events, get free stuff to promote and have thousands of followers who read them everyday. I don’t. But in one way or another they inspire me to keep creating and forming my internet persona, writing and using my voice: no matter how many people read what I have to say.

They are:
– Flo Pereira, Penny Lane Blog: “A Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blog” that any girl can relate to. She’s a lawyer/it girl, and her style is amazing. The best part? She writes in a very down-to-earth manner, making anyone who read her feel like she’s an old friend. I truly admire that. She’s also on Snapchat, adding up to that “familiarity” feeling, sharing her daily commute, her outfits and her plans. Did I mention this? Her style is exquisite.

– Flor Fernandez, The Healthy Blogger: While not really a blogger but actually an instagrammer, Flor gives great advice on a “healthy lifestyle”. Recipes, tips, recommendations and much more. Her pictures are very inspiring and the kind of images you’d have to post on your fridge to keep it locked 😉

Candela Sanchez F. This is a special case, I guess, because while she’s a blogger I don’t read her blog, only her Instagram. I have sort of a love/hate thing with her account (completely one-sided, and from a reader perspective of course) because I’m not sure I like her tone or her voice. This is a completely subjective thing, of course. But damn, that girl knows how to style her image. We have a lot of things in common – the love for candy yum yum lipstick, the Jack Daniels honey and for writing/traveling among other things – and that makes me like her images even more! Besides, she has a way to portray her life and her daily routine in a very filtered, original way that keeps people coming back for more.

4 – Low carb diet. You know how I roll, if you’ve read my blog before. I’m always trying new diets and new ways to feel better in my own skin. My new attempt consists in reducing carbs: no pasta, no pizza, no bread, no potatoes, no toast with avocado on top. It’s harder than I thought but it really makes me feel better.

So many options!

5 – Snapchat. I know, I know. I’m old and I’m late to the party. But it’s so much fun! It took a few tutorials from my friends but I finally figured it out and yes, it’s much easier than I thought. You can take a peek at anyone’s lives: celebrities, friends, people you admire or people who have very peculiar lifestyle. If you have any recommendations on who I should follow… let me hear them! You can find me as rrromikid *ghost emoji*

Can’t believe I’m doing this.


What are your current obsessions? Have you started listening to Hamilton since reading this? What are you waiting for?

Let me know in the comments and stay tuned to Kilo India Delta for more! Coming up in just 2 days: USA Tour: SxSW/NOLA/Miami & Puerto Rico.


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