Connecting Flights.

Traveling can be really exhausting. Specially when you look for cheap flights with many connections and layovers.

I was in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. It was an amazing trip I got to share with my best friend, but looking back, I would do a few things differently.

This is a post about what not to do when traveling for vacations, a post that I will probably have to refer to in the near future when my body stops aching and I start looking for cheap tickets again.

Location is everything.

The farther the destination, the longer the stay. This is my new rule of thumb when it comes to vacations and deciding new spots to discover. Honolulu was amazing, I will tell you more about it in my next post, but it’s very far away. Traveling for days to get there and then only staying for a week just isn’t worth it. Next time I’ll spend at least a month in Hawaii, island hopping and discovering every possible inch of that paradise on Earth.

I was thrilled to find out, after days in transit, I was almost there.

Cheap tickets are the best… and the worst.

I paid around 400 dollars to go from Sao Paulo to Honolulu. That is as cheap as it gets, probably. But in the end, it meant 12 flights and weird schedules, with many hours to fill in airports and other layovers so short that demanded running to go through customs and security in order not to miss the next connection. It was mayhem. And boring. And mayhem again, all crunched up in 2 weeks time.

Consider this when you pick your next flight, and pay attention to the times of the flights: some of them are just impossible to make.

Pack smart.

If you decide to go ahead and ignore my previous statements, go ahead. But pay close attention to this last piece of advice, which could save you lots of time and money. Forget your big bags and luggage. Try to pack as smart as you can. If I had been carrying a large suitcase, if I had had to check out said suitcase, I would have missed many connecting flights, waisting precious time in the luggage belt. À la Marie Kondo, if you grab a piece of clothing and simply know in your heart you won’t wear it, leave it behind. You can always wear a shirt twice and manage with one jacket.

Also, try not to have many things in your hands while in transit. If, for example, I travel with my carry-on bag, my backpack and a bottle of water in my hand – anything else I grab will probably get lost in the way. That includes books, sunglasses, credit cards and cellphones. Since my backpack is quite large (big enough to carry my laptop, my hygiene bag, a book, a kindle, and my noise-cancelling headphones), I’ve discovered that the key (insert key emoji) is to bring a small pouch with my passport, my phone and some spare change with me. This way, I don’t have to open and close my backpack a thousand times in the boarding process.

Airports can be your friends.

I know, I know. They’re usually expensive and some of them are incredibly boring. But try to think your “airport time” as a part of the trip. For example, I’d never had Famiglia’s Pizza before, and I enjoyed a large piece of Spinach and Mushroom while plane-spotting. Then, I went shopping for an iPad mini from one of those Best Buy vending machines (surreal!), and finally, chose my next YA victim in the big library right before boarding. I made a whole afternoon from a few hours waiting alone in Atlanta. Not bad, huh?

Where have your connecting flights taken you? Would you do it again? Share your experience with us! {Full disclosure: Lately, I enjoy the comments more than the actual blog posts… am I crazy or is that a thing?} – and Stay tuned to Kilo India Delta for more travel tips and to hear more about my brief Hawaiian experience 🙂

One thought on “Connecting Flights.

  1. Even on an itinerary with just two layovers, I once missed a connection in Mexico City by 2 minutes and was condemned to spend the next 18 hours there in the airport. It was like living the film “The Terminal”. Since that mis-adventure, I fear every flight could lead to airport purgatory and a life of dimly-lit eateries with overpriced food, restroom-sink showers and snoring in public on a concrete slab. Some experiences forever change my perspective; this one did so, but not for the better.


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