10 {quick} Rules to Survive 2016.

  1. Enjoy your free time. Learn the difference between work time and leisure/rest time. Turn off Slack & don’t work more time than you sleep.
  2. Give your phone a break. A few simple rules: don’t bring your phone to the dinner table, turn it off before going to bed, and make sure it’s not the first thing you pay attention to when you wake up.
  3. Learn to say “no”. To work, complicated plans, and favors that will compromise you. It’s OK to be selfish sometimes, but don’t make this a habit.
  4. Eat healthier meals. Perhaps one of the greatest advices of all times is the simplest: eat your veggies!
  5. Listen and be listened. You have a voice and people should respect that. Make sure you get the time you deserve. And remember: it’s a two-way street.
  6. Create more playlists. Find new music, discover new bands, and make sure you waltz at your very own rhythm.
  7. Dance more often. No matter when or when. Your body loves moving to the beat of its own music. Turn on those jams and sweat! You’ll love the after feeling.
  8. Stay in touch with good friends. Don’t let distance, work, or time get in the way.
  9. Dismiss people who mistreat you. Focus your energy in people who bring out the best in you, even in the bad times.
  10. Read more. The only way to be in two places at once.


In case of an emergency: bake, go to tumblr, or go for a run.

Kilo India Delta.

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