Easy Pasta

Sunday Pasta: Spaghetti with Prawns and Arugula.

I love pasta. I’ve stated that before, in my previous Sunday Pasta post, I know. But I wanted to say how difficult it has been  to find the right recipes to feature. There are so many I like!

But this one really takes the prize. Easy to prepare, easier to love. I promise. I found it in Jamie Oliver’s website and adapted it to my personal taste. Living in a landlocked city means it’s not a simple task to find fresh seafood, but I walked all the way to the market on a Saturday morning to guarantee better results. And it was well worth it.



If they look pretty and fresh, they should taste great!

Spaghetti, one bag of dried pasta (500 g)
Sea salt, to taste
Black pepper, to taste
Olive oil
Garlic, one clove
455 g dried spaghetti
Raw prawns, 400 g, peeled
White wine, one small glass
Sun-dried tomatoes, around 10, pulverized in a blender
Lemon, juice and zest of one
Arugula, 2 handfuls



Get everything clean and ready in advance. This recipe can be really quick to prepare!

Cook your spaghetti according to the bag’s instructions in a pot of salted boiling water. In the mean time, heat three spoonfuls of olive oil in a large pan or wok. Toss in the garlic, and when it turns brown, add the thawed prawns and sauté them for about one minute.

Add the white wine: one small glass is enough, otherwise it can make the whole dish very bitter. Toss in the magic tomato dust.

When the pasta is ready, drain it but reserve some of the water on the side. Toss the pasta in the big pan, squeeze in the lemon juice and half the chopped arugula. You can add some of the reserved water if you wish the sauce to have a little more body. I don’t usually do, but that’s a personal decision. Add salt and pepper to taste, and stir everything to combine all ingredients.

In the making

Finally, divide in 4 different plates and sprinkle with the lemon zest. Decorate with the rest of the arugula and some parmesan cheese on top.

Now, serve some of that wine, play some Max Gazzè and enjoy!


Doesn’t it look delicious?

What’s your favorite Italian dish? Please, share it with us in the comment section below.

And stay tuned to Kilo India Delta! We have more recipes in the cooking and a lot of new stories to share.

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