Oceanside Brighton Beach

Melbourne: Never Have I Ever. Pt. 2.

Remember how I told you my mom has many sayings? Well, one common expression of hers is “Romi, that’s something that could only happen to you”. Maybe because I’m weird enough, I tend to attract weird situations.

And they turn into amazing anecdotes.

This is my second part of “Never Have I Ever: Melbourne edition”.

Wed 23, Day Five. Purple ice cream and maze.

The day started wonderfully. We went to Brighton Beach, and even though it was super cold, we enjoyed ourselves running on the beach, taking photos of the bathing boxes and jumping in the air.

Brighton Beach

Shameless selfie in Brighton Beach.

After that, we went to Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Garden, where we wondered around and got lost a few times in the big, big gardens. It was so much fun! We lied down in the grass, told stories and danced to Houdini, all because Marta was humming it and we all started singing along. It felt like a dream!

We had lunch there: Fish and chips, a typical Australian meal. No shockers there, we’ve all had that before. The surprise was the dessert… lavender ice cream!

Lavender icecream

Tastes like… flowers!

While the opinions were split between people who hated it and people who loved it, personally I didn’t enjoy it as much. Maybe because my mom has always preferred cleaning products that smell of this flower, and I couldn’t stop thinking I was tasting a recently cleaned bathroom on a Saturday morning. The color was pretty though, very Instagram-worthy. All of us have the same picture in our accounts now! haha 

Thur 24, Day Six. I’ve seen enough.

I could tell you about my lunch, how I tried kale for the first time and I didn’t think it was that great. I even have a great picture to add. See?

Kale Salad


Poached egg, cranberries, almonds, kale and peppers. Oh, and salmon. Sounds amazing! And if I told you about La Cafe, the place we had this salad and all the amazing options of food they had, that could easily mean a couple of lines in my blog, maybe that would attract healthy fit blogs and so on. But I would be lying to you, my fellow readers. 

Because something else happened that day for the first (and hope last) time. 

Fast forward to Thursday night. My friends/colleagues and me are in a bar, having margaritas and cider when we look outside the window. An alley, a parking space apparently, was turned into a bar with a trailer as a bar and some pallets as chairs. The night of Melbourne can hold many surprises, we thought, and left the Mexican bar for the improvised alley party.

We approached the bar and I saw they sold Quilmes, the national beer in Argentina. Feeling a little nostalgic, I bought a bottle and we sat down. We were talking, beer in hand, when a girl came walking towards me. She touched my shoulder and when I turned she asked: “Can you check something out?”

Then again: I was in Australia, the other side of the world, having an Argentine beer. I thought she had read the signs and knew I was Argentine, and maybe she wanted to show me something to prove she was from Argentina as well! Maybe a tattoo? So I said “sure!”

Well, no. That wasn’t it.

The girl pulled up her sweater and down her dress, pulled out one boob (no better way to put it) and said: “This is a nipple“. In front of the boys, in front of everyone in the bar. I was stunned and a little shocked and very embarrassed. I said “oh” and turned around. She arranged her clothes, turned around and left. 

Was it a bet? Probably.

Was it funny? Hilarious. I just hope it doesn’t happen again.

 Fri 25, Last Day. A line and a phone.

I’d never owned an iPhone before. I’m clumsy and I always lose my things. But after giving it a long thought and some time saving money, I figured it was time to make the bold move and get a good phone I could use to snap pictures, write from anywhere, work in an urgency, and go on Tumblr. Because of course, Tumblr is always a good reason.

So after giving it a lot of thought, I decided I would get the iPhone 6s on the day it was launched, on our last day in Australia. 

Colin, Wilson and I took an Uber and went very early to a big, big Mall. Once we found the Apple store, we queued for about 10 minutes, while very nice people talked to us, asked us about our reservations and means of payment.

After a while, voilá! There you have it. My first iPhone. It wasn’t as hard to get it as I thought, and I even got a refund of the taxes on the next day… but I couldn’t use it until I got back to Argentina. Talk about self control!

iPhone 6s launch

The masterminds!

After that, things went back to normal. Well, not really, because I got really sick and spent another week in Penang, but that’s a story for some other day.

Thanks for staying with me through Parts 1 and 2!

Stay tuned to Kilo India Delta for more weird adventures around the world.

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