Aussie Lover.

How could I ever not be extremely excited about coming here? To the DOWN UNDER land?

My Piktochart family is awesome, this country is amazing, the entire Victoria region should be classified as a natural/cultural wonder. Can I stay here longer? For like three more years?


A perfect combination of interesting city (reminded me of San Francisco), amazing nature, cultural activities, delicious food, fun bars, clean streets and public transportation, Melbourne has really raised the bar of my personal expectations. And in that note, coming here broke my mark of 50 hours flown in less that 2 weeks. Woo hoo!


“Hopping and chillin'”

So far, we’ve seen different animals, went to a lovely market, tried delicious wine, went shopping, rode a train and took a tour through the first laps of the Great Ocean Road. And it’s only been 3 days! Ahhhh!

We got here on Friday night, and after a great night sleep we went off to the Queen Victoria Market to meet two of our colleagues from the US: Jacqueline and Justin. Special S/O to my missing friends, John and Joline. We miss you guys 😥

Wine, hummus, baba ganush, labneh, salmon with cream cheese and hours of conversation. I can’t think of a better meeting!


Disclosure: I know I promised a post about Asian food, and I promise I’m collecting all sorts of photos and information. But I’ll to catch up with some Western food while I’m here, before I head back to Penang! 

Great Ocean Road

This is what majestic looks like.

Today was incredible. We took a tour around the first laps of the Great Ocean Road. Miles and miles of route surrounded by trees, ocean, farms, and canola fields. It was honestly breathtaking. I am now in the hotel room, exhausted, and I’m going through the photos and videos and I still can’t believe I could actually witness all of this. I’m so grateful!

The Twelve Apostles (that are actually nine…) and the Loch Ard Gorge (images attached) were the highlights of the day. Of course, I can also name playing Tabu and Heads up in the bus! haha it was hilarious, until I felt really carsick from the winding road. If you’re planning this trip, please bring some nausea medicine along.

At first, I couldn’t come to terms to use a GoPro and a selfie stick. I’m not a sports person, so it didn’t really make sense that I bought an action camera. But the perks of having a camera Romi-proofs are showing… specially today when I got it wet, soaked in kataifi syrup and tossed in the ground.

Twelve apostles.

That’s me, in full tourist mode, embracing the selfie stick as my own personal magic wand. Shame!

More adventures await, so please stay tuned to Kilo India Delta while I make my way through this world!

Thanks for your comments and your visits, you make me very happy. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Aussie Lover.

  1. My Ro Ro! I miss you and everyone. Thanks for sharing my sweet friend! It’s almost like being there, reading this. I love to see this beautiful place through your eyes. Take care, and Love, from Texas as always!


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