First week in Asia.

It’s been a week since I left my home to embark on a new adventure. My amazing Piktochart family invited me to spend a month with them in Penang, Malaysia and  then join them in the Pikto Annual Trip, this time to Melbourne, Australia.

But, Penang first. This has been an amazing experience so far. People here are so warm and nice to me! I feel like home, and this is literally the other side of the world. How did this happen?

It could be because I’ve been working closely with them for almost a year, sharing some work hours and personal stories. Maybe that explains the familiar feeling I’ve felt since the very first moment I landed in Penang. Almost like this was a second home to me. 

DCIM100GOPROG0040106.View from my room in Penang!

But my curiosity takes the best of me, and I can’t help to notice great differences that make this culture amazingly rich and interesting to an outsider like me. Please, know that these are merely first impressions, from my subjective point of view.

I’d like to share some of those observations with you, my fellow readers. 

  1. People don’t use knives to eat. As my friend Marta told me, the general idea here is that whoever is cooking is in charge of cutting the food, so that the person only needs to eat. They serve food with only a fork and a spoon. My friends at the office laugh at me trying to eat steak this way. How do they do it?
  2. Soups are meals. Not only when you’re sick, as it’s the case in Argentina. People go out to restaurants and they order collective soups.

Penang Food

A menu for 6. Includes soup, mushroom, spicy pork in several sauces, meatballs and rice. 

3. There are many motorbikes. Many, many. But bikers wear helmets! Unlike Argentina, where you can see infants riding with their parents, unprotected. I utterly hate that. And, fun fact, to protect themselves from the wind, riders wear their jackets with the back part on the front. Genius.

4. More people have related Argentina to Messi than Maradona. That’s a personal win, since I hate Maradona. 

5. So. many. temples. They’re are GORGEOUS, no matter if they’re mosques, chinese temples, churches. This is probably a very superficial way to name them, because I’m incredibly ignorant of the many religions there are here. But I can’t wait to explore as many as I can, embrace their beauty and energy and learn all I can about the multiplicity of Gods that are looking over this amazing island.


Spotted from the car. Moving car.

Food is like another religion here. I’ve tried so many different things in the last 5 days that I can barely remember all of them. Let alone their names! (Ugh, I wish I’d speak mandarin so bad.) But I want to share some of my favorite with you, so stay tuned to Kilo India Delta and discover new worlds in a plate with me!


Food market in front of Suntech, where we work.

7 thoughts on “First week in Asia.

  1. Hi Ro Ro! I am up way too early and got my inbox message from my fav blog in the universe. It was so funny, I was just wishing how I was there with you and our Pikto fam experiencing the beauty and bliss of Penang! How I do dream of being there, but you know my heart is here with my soul mate & bff makin’ sure he is well 24/7 for now. One day though, I imagine us trekking somewhere fantastical (is that a word? , wellll its in Jo Jo’s dictionary 😉 ) , on some quintessential quest to work and play hard simultaneously! Our Wanderlust Swag could not be rivalled. Anyway wouldn’t it be sweeeet to travel and spread our love of ALL things and Piktochart (being brand ambassadors) and blog together one day?? Ahhh, I spend too much time with my head in the clouds when I need to keep my heart on the ground my dear friend, Ro Ro. You inspire me with your passion for life. You keep that smile going and know you are loved from all corners of the globe!
    Luv always from your Remote Bestie! Jo Jo


    1. Our fantastical adventures are waiting for us, I know, and they won’t go anywhere while you do the right thing! I feel so happy and warm when I read this comment, by knowing that I have a friend who share my habit of daydreaming and that we can build something great out of it someday. Thanks for your incredible vibes, always reaching me and making my day. You’re the best! All my love from OUR city too, Penang 🙂


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