From the air.

The day finally arrived!

After a last hectic Friday, a day when I worked, cooked, freelanced, went shopping, bought presents, went to the dentist, went to say goodbye to my grandparents, had a farewell dinner with my family (boyfriend and sister-in-law included), packed my bags, did my laundry, packed my bags again… I was finally ready.

It was a complete race, but I did it! And guess where I am now?

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 11.51.32 AM

Brought to you by FlightAware, which my Grandma recommended.

Isn’t this INSANE? Call me a peasant, but I just cannot believe I can use WiFi, talk to my family, eat peanuts AND overfly Africa at the same time. What a time to be alive! (technology speaking, by the way.)

Two suitcases full of alfajores and wine + this over excited girl are on the way to Penang, Malaysia, to meet my coworkers and friends from Piktochart. 41 hours in transit, sounds insane but it hasn’t been half bad.

Córdoba – Buenos Aires

My family (mom, dad and little sister) drove me to the airport and stayed with me until it was time to board. It was an easy, simple flight. I spent it all reading a Rob Sheffield book and drinking watered down coffee. I got an aisle seat, which I completely dislike, but I didn’t mind – it was only one hour.

Happy family

Hey, I warned you. I had a tough Friday, of course I look tired!

Buenos Aires

After a great lunch with one of my best friends, Maxi, I was ready to get to the airport. I took a taxi on the street, and in about 45 minutes I was there. (For reference, the total cost of the taxi was 400 ARS).

And I was there, Ezeiza, terminal A.

Ezeiza Airport

I hate to admit this, but I completely dislike this airport. It’s chaotic, disorganized, and BORING. Seats are uncomfortable, the staff is rude and the only bright side is that WiFi is free. THAT’S IT. Maxi and I had a 10 hour layover back in April and it was horrible. We had to spend the night in the most uncomfortable seats, there are no coffee places, Starbucks is only available before you board and there’s no way to move from one terminal to another but actually going out in the open pushing your stuff through the night. Only vending machines and a radio playing terrible songs. Please, if you have the chance, avoid long waits in Ezeiza.

Emirates Plane

Boarding time!

And it was finally the time. We hopped on the plane and on our way we are!

This is funny: I picked my seat a couple of weeks ago from the app Tripcase, and when I was in the Emirates site I could choose my “Diet Preferences”. I marked Seafood, because I love it and I live in a landlocked city. Now, every time they serve food (even breakfast!) I get a separate dish, specially prepared with my name on it. Salmon overdose! The only way this would get better was if Maxi was here. I’ll miss him so much.


We had a 2 hour stop in Rio, which was very confusing because I was in that stage between waking and sleeping and cannot really remember being there so long. We didn’t exit the plane. I already saw two terrible movies, slept for about 8 hours and now I’m writing to make something else of my time. Nineteen hours on a plane can be productive, I’ll show you!

What was the longest plane ride you ever took? Would you do it again?

Stay tuned to Kilo India Delta to read more about my Pikto-Malaysia-Australia trip. This has only begun!

4 thoughts on “From the air.

  1. Hi Ro Ro! It’s your Jo Jo here! I am enjoying the clips of pure joy you share with me here on Romi ,K.I.D. I sure do miss being there with you! I hope your travels are amazing and time with our peeps in Malaysia is as rewarding and wonderful as you wished for. I am always there with you in heart, though we’re always miles apart. It is so much fun to join you on your journeys, in spirit. Making playlists, sharing stories, drinking great coffee and wine, whipping up recipes, and channeling our inner child and most awesome grown up! Keep up your kind & cool soul! I am your fan and friend for life. 🙂 Love & Peace and be Safe darlin’!


    1. You are the supreme source of positive energy that this crazy girl receives every day. Hope you had an amazing birthday, you deserve a truckload of happiness! All my love to you, and I’ll save these words for cloudy times 😍


  2. “Life is a journey, not a destination.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson (although in your case, the destination sure will look good when you see it, agreed?)


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