Back for a while.

I woke up in the middle of the night. My phone was buzzing in the nightstand. The screen was shining with a message that read “Are you back in the US?” from a friend who I met last time I was there, in 2012.

In the middle of my sleepy confusion, I thought for a second I was back in NY, after I had only spent two days back in Argentina. I freaked out. In the darkness, I tried to recognize familiar shapes of things that reminded me of where I was. I couldn’t see anything, but the steady breathing of Maxi by my side reminded me I was here. Home.

Skyline downtown

The skyline in downtown Manhattan, view from the ferry to Staten Island (that you can ride for free!)

I had so much fun in New York. Well, you know that by now. You followed me through Long Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn. And you’ll hear more about it when I update my recommendations on the city, soon.

But now, I’ve decided to make a list of the 5 things I missed the most in my month away. I need to fully enjoy these places/people/food/things before I embark on my next adventure: working for one month in Malaysia and Australia!

 1. My loved ones. How powerless is to feel so close and so far from someone at the same time. Skype and Whats App helped, but nothing compares to an actual hug from someone you miss.

2. Food! Of course, I had to include this. Not that I didn’t enjoy satisfying my craving for Chipotle, KFC, Shake Shack, Spicy everything, etc. But nothing compares to an asado, our pasta dishes (with no garlic, believe it or not) and milanesas. YUM.

3. My bed. For the second half of my trip, I had a terrible experience with an Airbnb host. I was stranded in NYC, so I had to flee to our friend’s apartment, then another, then a cheap hostel in Chelsea. It ended up being a great anecdote. But there’s nothing like knowing where you’ll sleep in the night… and knowing that there’s somewhere to come home to.

Happy family

How could I not miss these good looking, crazy loved ones of mine?

4. Internet. I once read that“Home is where your WiFi connects automatically.” I couldn’t agree more. I work remotely, so having a good connection is a big deal for me, because for 8 hours a day I need a trust-worthy connection. Remember the Airbnb mess I mentioned earlier? The main problem was that the apartment I had rented had no WiFi connection.

For a few days I had to make so,which meant nervous 6 am runs to the nearest Starbucks, overpaying for coffee I wasn’t drinking, having stranger’s conversations as background music and fearing the connection would collapse. But I found the solution after a few days: a friend from Argentina was working there and I was welcome to occupy a space in the office. I was so thankful! But I still felt great when last Monday I could connect automatically to my own house line, and work without any worries in mind.

5. Red Wine. Mendoza, a province in Argentina, has the best vineyards that grow the Malbec variety of grape. Malbec is an earthy, red wine, and my personal favorite. A glass of Malbec in the US was about 10 dollars each, while here in Argentina a bottle of great Malbec is about 4 dollars. Next time, I’ll bring a couple of bottles with me.

What are the things you miss the most when traveling? What is something you cannot travel without? Let me know in the comment section below!

And stay tuned to Kilo India Delta… we have surprise recipes coming up!

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