Celebrate Brooklyn stage

A weekend in NY.

It’s been a while, city that actually sleeps a lot.

This is my first weekend in Manhattan in this trip, and my first time here after 3 long years. I can’t believe how much we’ve both changed. Something didn’t change, though. I’ve entered your gates with my best friend Tina by my side, once again.

Best Friends at BrooklynWaiting for the show to start.

Our first plan in the city was the top of my list. Celebrate Brooklyn! in Prospect Park and a show to remember. The train was one hour late. We got lost getting to the apartment, had to split to save some time, but we made it.

There were 3 blocks of line. When we finally arrived at the end of the line, a girl holding a sign that said “end of line” (duh) told us the capacity was limited and that we couldn’t get in. She told us to go into the park and try to find a spot where we could still hear the music. We did this, and when we went inside we found another line, quite short instead. We were in in less than 5 minutes! Woo hoo! Great start, Brooklyn.

Sylvan Esso at Celebrate BrooklynSylvan Esso playing H.S.K.T.

The show was superb! Porches opened, and they sounded amazing. But who would want to open for a bomb like Sylvan Esso? Two people taking over a big stage, making each second count by creating incredible songs and a charismatic performance people will never forget. This was their biggest audience yet, and they KILLED IT. I can’t wait to see them live again!

Our Sunday begun in the West Village, where we waited for a few minutes before The Spotted Pig opened for brunch. I had a super embarrassing first impression, since the door was opened and I walked in very naturally. There was a staff meeting taking place inside, so I found myself stared at by 10 shocked people. “Sorry!” I said, while I stumbled outside super blushed.

Waiting in Spotted PigDo I look embarrassed enough?

After our delicious brunch, grilled cheese and poached eggs included, we went to the Chelsea Market and the High Line. The food looked delicious, but we were still quite stuffed from our earlier brunch.

Pizza at chelsea

Craving some Italian food? Pizza, focaccia and much more.
IMG_0087A combi that combined many Latin American flavors.


Ubiquitous and colorful macaroons. 

After a few miles walking the High Line (it’s incredibly long!) we went to the Chelsea Market. The decoration was impressive, and the variety of products that it offered really blew me away. I bought an “ampersand” to hang in my wall and an old Sade vinyl album. Two jewels for less than 10 dollars a piece.

Chelsea MarketIf you didn’t know it by now, you can be sure already: I love fairy lights!

CheeseSay cheese!

High LineView from a stop in the High Line.

IMG_0116New York is a jungle made out of concrete and green spaces.

I couldn’t think of a better way to finish this gorgeous, sunny, hot Sunday that with the Summer Stage series of Jazz concerts held in the MoMA. The last one of the program, it was like a hiding gem in the heart of the city. Hundreds of people laying around, mesmerized by the incredible performance displayed by the orchestra.

Jazz Moma

I love this city. I’ve only been here for 48 hours and already scratched so many things from my bucket list. Maybe that’s what makes New York City so special: you can dream about it all you want, but once you’re here, you can actually see those dreams coming true.

Stay tuned to Kilo India Delta for more sightseeing and adventures of a girl traveling and blogging in her twenties!

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