Greek Feast & Fest.

Hampton Bays keeps me quite busy for a small town. It’s surrounded by other gorgeous destinations, and I can barely fit all the activities in my freelance writer schedule. But I haven’t forgotten about you guys, and I’ve been collecting images and memories to pass on.


Look how summer-y we look!

For example, the amazing Greek Fest we attended last Saturday.

Organized by a local church, it took place in the SUNY campus, from July 16th until July 19th.

IMG_0046This was the church where the event took place. Greek Orthodox, I presume.

The main event was the food, of course. But before we jump to that, let me show you some of the amazing and fun attractions that Tina and I enjoyed.

IMG_0049A petting zoo, where a tiny goat was chewing a little princess’ hair: priceless.

IMG_0053Local artisans were displaying and selling their work.

I specially loved this:


Then, there was a fair! And I played to pop some balloons.


I had a lucky shot where my pin went down and popped 3 balloons at once! That got me both Dora and Boots. So lucky!


The prize!


But my favorite part was the food (color me surprised, I know). There was a large variety of options. Tina and I chose the gyro sandwich, the hummus, pita bread, and… fries. Hey! They had greek seasoning. Whatever that means.



Finally, a little dancing to finish the night. I didn’t delight the audience with my complete lack of dancing skills, but I did enjoy the view.

What a great night! I wish there were Festivals like this one all through the season. I love trying food from foreign places. What’s your favorite exotic cuisine meal? Tell me in the comment section below.

Stay tuned to Kilo India Delta to hear more about my trip through NY. Next Saturday I’ll move my campsite to the one and only Manhattan! I know, I can’t wait either. See you soon, my KID friends!

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