Asado in Montauk.

Ask any argentine you know what’s an asado and I bet anything that no one will only mention food.

Asado is a true ritual, that begins before anyone has started eating. Asado is the sound of the wood cracking in the fire, of the music played in the background, is the flavor of a rich wine, of cheese and bread. Asado is the gathering of loved ones, who not only want to share a delicious meal but also long hours of great conversation, a few bottles of red wine and the memories that everyone brings to the Sunday table.

And no matter how far you go, some aspects of your culture and values are so strong that will remain as vivid as in your native land.

I had the lovely experience of sharing a delicious asado/BBQ in Montauk yesterday with the most interesting group of people. Expats mostly, from both Argentina and Chile, people who shared their experience and opened their door to a stranger in this town like me.

But there’s no better occasion to get to know someone than an asado.


A beautiful beach cottage in Montauk, NY.


Catena Zapata, a staple wine from Mendoza, Argentina.

IMG_20150712_142848458_HDRTo start, a soft and exquisitely moist potato omelet.


The star of the asado: different cuts of meat, sausage and grilled veggies. The sauce is chimichurri, a vinaigrette made out of herbs, garlic and olive oil.


After lunch, a delicious swim in the ocean and a quick nap in the sand.

What’s the meal that bring people together in your hometown? Would you have it somewhere else?

Stay tuned to Kilo India Delta, this trip has just begun.

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