Find us flying.

For as long I can recall, I’ve wanted to travel around the world.

I can remember being 5, sitting in the back of the car with my dad driving after he picked me up from kindergarten. He asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Without a second of hesitation, I replied: “I want to be a tourist.”

I’ve always lived in a nice, small city, with a busy tourist life. No matter the season or the month, with some downfalls and peaks, this city is always crowded with tourists. So that is probably why I came up with that answer.

Of course that, at the moment, earning enough money to travel and all the small bits of an adult life weren’t of my concern or part of my plan. Just the idea of hopping on a plane and making my way through different countries and cultures seemed like a solid reason to try to make a living out of it.
My parents had a different idea about planes and long trips. Flying terrified my mom. She had only flown a couple of times, but that was enough argument to hate it with all her guts.

That’s why I wasn’t allowed to fly until I was 21.

December 2011. My first flight. A 45-minute ride from Córdoba to Buenos Aires. To be honest, this was the first leg of the longest flight I’ve taken so far, since my final destination was Denver, Colorado. But it was my first time up in the air!

On a plane. 1This is me, ready to go.

 DSC03295And this is my best friend Tina, a super skilled flyer, earning all her credits and badges by coming with me on my first plane ride.

This was the beginning of an amazing friendship. I loved traveling to Buenos Aires, and to know that it was only an hour away opened a world of possibilities in my head.

Now, I figured I could move that feeling to incredible extents. New York had always been my dream city, a love encouraged by movies, TV shows, books and pop culture in general. And I was now aware of the proximity. It only took a few months of super hard work, and that was it. I was in New York.

DSC04450I bet you start to see a pattern here already. This cute lady traveled all the way up to NYC, 5 months after I was gone, just to be with me while I made my dream a reality.

That’s why I plan on doing the same now.

Tina has been traveling her way up to Long Island – starting in Chile, and going through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. I haven’t seen her since the day she was gone, 4 months ago, when I went to say goodbye at the airport. And since then I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was supposed to be with her in that airplane, holding her hand, exactly like she did when I left years ago.

So I’m going to see her. And we’re going to NYC together once again, and we’ll probably get better pictures of the sunny state while enjoying the super hot summer in the city.

Stay tuned to find out more about our adventures in the big, big, big city.

Only 2 weeks away!

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