Welcome home.

Hello, new readers!

This is my first post in my first blog. Since we all know it’s probably going to be terrible and I’ll regret it soon, let’s make it short and painless, shall we?

My name is Romi, aka Romi the kid, because I’ve been acting like a kid since forever, and now I’m 24 and enjoying my kid attitude. I’m still committed and responsible, but can’t help to act childish when I see bubbles, interact with dogs or when I’m having fun.

And I love my share of fun.

I also love writing, and traveling, and cooking. These are probably the main things I’ll write about, but stick around to see if I come up with something else along the way. Who knows?


That’s me acting childish in Cafayate, Salta. Although, to be honest, a kid can probably ride a bike better than me.

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